Long overdue update… (TL:DR Life is still good)

In my quest to be all the things I have been doing some of the things very poorly.

On the good news front:

    I have completed 2 of 10 classes toward my Masters in Management Information Systems with As.
    I took on a new role at work. Same boss, same location, same “level”, but a tiny bit more money, and a lot more responsibility. It’s different, but this is where I will grow. No more on call!
    I’m getting more comfortable with the moderator role at Great Philadelphia Comic Con. I feel like I did a great job with Debi Derryberry (Jimmy Neutron, F is for Family, et al).
    I continue to represent the American Liver Foundation’s National Patient Advisory Committee for hepatitis C at Capitol Hill visits, and I’m getting better at telling my story.

On the less good news front:

  • I still have 8 classes to go.
  • New roles are challenging. I’m way more tired at the end of the day as it’s mentally exhausting.
  • I had one panel where I bombed – Invader Zim. I hate doing panels where I don’t really have a ton of time to prep and I don’t really know the guests’ work.
  • I’m terrible at doing my follow-up homework after Hill visits. Also, I was hoping to do info sessions at the library, but they have this odd policy which prohibits presenting about illnesses or medical conditions.

Life is still good, though. It’s not intended to be easy all the time or fun all the time. I’m going to get out of it what I put into it. My problems are all first world problems with the benefit of white cisgender female privilege. I will certainly manage through my challenges and hope that I can help others less fortunate than me without being an annoying white chick.

Oh, and I added purple to my hair. So that’s fun.

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