“We’re living in unprecedented times…”

How many times have each of us heard this phrase over the last two months? I’ve lost count for sure, and I’ve even been known to use it a few times. People ask me how it feels to be pregnant during this pandemic. Frankly I don’t know the difference, as I’ve not been this pregnant [...]

Don’t sit back and expect Congress to meet your healthcare needs…

AKA Shel's somewhat educated opinions on healthcare legislation Last Monday I was privileged to represent the American Liver Foundation's Hep C National Patient Advisory Committee as part of the Digestive Disease National Coalition's (DDNC) Public Policy Forum and Hill Day. I met with staffers at 7 different Congressional offices (for Ohio and New Jersey), while [...]

2017 is off to a rocky start…but life is still good!

Well, I've been sick for all of 2017 so far. Which means I've been ignoring pretty much everything, including work. I'm finally on the mend, but boy it hasn't been fun. For the first time since I joined my company, we have off on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. I'm not making it a day of [...]

There’s nothing wrong with that…

"There's nothing wrong with that." That's what people tell me when they realize I'm single at 44. Yeah, I know there's nothing wrong with being single at 44. But do they really believe it, or are they trying to give me a platitude that they think will make me feel better about something I'm already [...]

Sorry about going radio silent…

I know, I've been awfully quiet lately.  I took on some extra stuff this summer, most notably going back to college.  I started working toward a Communications degree, and I had a 7 week online Public Speaking course.  It took WAY more time and effort than I expected, in the midst of my summer of [...]

A Different Kind of Con – My Time at Mensa-Con

So, let me get this part out of the way first...I'm kinda smart - like 98th percentile smart and am a member of Mensa. Mensa is a worldwide high IQ organization. I have been a member off and on since I was about 12, when my Mom thought it would be cool if I qualified [...]

Con Review: Atlantic City Boardwalk Con (ACBC)

Not quite a month ago (May 13-15), I had the opportunity to attend the Atlantic City Boardwalk Con (ACBC) as press.  This show was in its sophomore year, it was local, and I had friends who were volunteering as "sidekicks" so I figured "why not?" Their tagline was "Be a part of the ACtion", and action was [...]