“We’re living in unprecedented times…”

How many times have each of us heard this phrase over the last two months? I’ve lost count for sure, and I’ve even been known to use it a few times.

People ask me how it feels to be pregnant during this pandemic. Frankly I don’t know the difference, as I’ve not been this pregnant when it wasn’t a pandemic.

Here’s the conveniences and experiences that have been limited:

  • Doctor visits that would have been shared with family are now attended alone, and other doctor visits are now telemedicine
  • Service providers can’t come to my house (e.g. personal organizer)
  • My baby shower will be virtual only
  • I haven’t been able to tour my desired childcare facility (and may not be able to use said facility when I do return to work)
  • I haven’t been able to continue my preferred fitness routine (AquaFit)
  • On the plus side: Total strangers are not coming up to touch my belly
  • Pre-baby classes have been all virtual (probably would have liked the baby basics class to be in person, but the labor basics virtual was fine)
  • Acupuncture treatments were terminated early
  • My coworkers won’t be throwing me a shower at the office, and many will never have seen me be obviously pregnant. I’ll likely look no different from the last time they saw me pre-pandemic when I see them again after parental leave.

This kiddo’s birth story will certainly be significantly different from that of a child born last year, but it’ll be similar to that of his/her contemporaries. He/she will still have whatever is needed, including all the love.

On a non-baby note, I recently completed the fourth of ten classes toward my Masters degree in Management Information Systems. Since I was already completing school online, there was no change in experience there.

So while we are living in unprecedented times, times still go on.

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