NBC’s Blindspot Cast and Creator with Hoda Kotb at Paley NYC

Last week, I had the opportunity to go to Paley Center for Media in NYC and see a screening and panel for NBC’s Blindspot.  Great panel, great venue!  My membership has been well worth the money.

This week’s Back When We Were Interesting (Episode 85) was ironically about movies from ’85.  I was pleasantly surprised when doing my show prep homework to find so many iconic movies were made in 1985.  Check out the episode here.

National Mustang Da

Sunday was National Mustang Day, so Pop and I had togetherness time at a car show with our Mustangs.

For my NJ resident followers, please urge your State Assembly representatives to co-sponsor bill A3337.  Assembly Bill 3337 (companion Senate Bill 1279 has already passed) would implement the CDC’s recommendations and require hospitals and healthcare professionals to offer hepatitis C testing to people born between 1945 and 1965 (“Baby Boomers”). Three quarters of the people with hepatitis C are in this age group.  This life-saving legislation would also authorize certain laboratories to perform rapid hepatitis C testing.  To learn more about hep C, visit

Last, but not least, I booked my flights for SDCC! 🙂


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