May the fourth be with you.


That’s right – tomorrow is “Star Wars Day.”  It’s a geek holiday. 🙂  How are you celebrating?  It’s really basically just another day at work for me, with maybe a meme or two.

I am looking forward to a geeky weekend, though, as “Captain America: Civil War” is released this weekend.  I just have to decide on the when and where!


Pepper has been quite the achiever this last week or so.  We’ve been working very hard on Sit, Stay, and Sit for Greeting.  For Sit and Stay, we’ve been practicing by having her sit on a crate mat in the kitchen for her food and water.  Today at lunch, she must have been really thirsty.  She finished her bowl of water, then went right over to the mat and sat patiently waiting for me to refill it.  So I refilled it, and then she did it again, and again.  Like I said, she must have been thirsty. 🙂  She’s starting to figure out Sit for Greeting, except she sits when people are six to twelve feet away and not when they’re right next to us.  It’s a work in progress.


Recording for “Back When We Were Interesting” is tonight.  We’re going to reminisce about “Loveline” and similar advice shows in honor of “Loveline” ending its very long run.


May is Hepatitis Awareness Month.  Educate yourself about hepatitis C.


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